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More than 100 missing as ferry sinks off the coast of South Korea

More than 100 people were still unaccounted for as efforts continued to rescue passengers aboard a South Korean ferry that sank off the country’s south-west coast on Wednesday morning.

Dozens of coastguard and navy vessels were battling to rescue passengers, including 325 high school pupils and their teachers. A major rescue operation is now underway involving more than 30 coastguard and military ships, as well as about a dozen helicopters.

Officials said two of the ship’s 476 passengers, which included more than 300 children, had been confirmed dead but there were fears that many passengers may have been trapped inside the vessel as it listed and sank. Full story 

Photograph: Yonhap/EPA

Was this on purpose?????????



"I’LL BE BACK." - Kabuki Quantum Fighter (Human - NES - 1991)

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Despite this screen appearing at the end of the game, there was never a sequel.

Kinda dirty… 😭😂🐘



“ It would have taken an act of willing denial to miss the fact that, in an age where the guitar hero has become something of a rarity, a thirty-one-year-old woman was shredding. Clark’s solos are marvels of tone and feeling, eruptions that explode her beloved grids. ”

—    I remember when my friend Steph was working for Mute and we were upstairs for some 5 group show and we saw St. Vincent: and I thought, she’s just like me. How can a shy girl pack such a punch? (via newyorker)

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it’s like suddenly all my dj friends digressed into Serato land overnight. bad dream.

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“It can be hard to forgive the menacing intensity of the song, especially when you know who’s responsible for it. But pop music is teeming with overzealous lovers, and the deranged, over-the-top candor of such lyrics is part of their appeal.”

Charles Manson’s Lie: The Love and Terror Cult was released forty-four years ago today.

Ghost Breaks!.

Purdie is in a haunted mansion, I swear it. Love the dude.


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